Sophia Cathedral


Анастасия Филатова, 16 лет, 10 класс НОЧУ «Школа «Муми-Тролль», г.Москва
Ю.Ю. Воронцова, педагог НОЧУ «Школа «Муми-Тролль», г. Москва


Michael has never been interested in history. When he was a child, he loved to play football and to draw. When he was a teenager, he was interested in books and spent all his time with friends. His interest in history began as a result of a lucky coincidence. One day Michael came to the University where his sister studied, because she had asked him to pick her up. He came too early and accidentally mingled with the students.

Then he decided to go to one lecture read by an old professor with bright, expressive eyes. The Professor was telling the students about the history of Russia. Michael has never seen a teacher who was so passionate about his subject. (or in order to be politically correct: Michael has never seen teachers who were so passionate about their subjects). So, he also got interested in it, but in a different way. Michael saw history.

Юные таланты – Анастасия Филатова, Ю.Ю. Воронцова