Работы на английском языке учащихся школы «Муми-Тролль»

Ученики частной школы «Муми-Тролль» (г. Москва) как-то раз решили на уроках английского языка попробовать свои силы в том, что их интересует или увлекает, но на английском. И вот, что получилось: математика, фантастика, история, архитектура, стихи и проза. Работа эта продолжается и сейчас.


My geometry


Евгения Лаврентьева, 11 класс, 17 лет
Учитель английского языка – Е.А. Лоева
Консультант по математике – С.К. Соболев, PhD, Московский Государственный Технический Университет им Н.Э. Баумана

This year I have been to geometry lesson about excircles. I wanted to go there because this problem is interesting and I think that have to master my geometry.




Полина Васильева, 10 класс, 16 лет
Учитель – Г.П. Морозова

Perhaps I shall start with the definition of the word “bridge”, because if you do not know the exact meaning of the word, you can get confused and talk about something entirely different. The most basic meaning of the bridge is a permanent structure erected across a river, lake, swamp, or any other obstacle. An engineering structure erected across a road called an overpass; a structure across a ravine or gorge – a viaduct. In general, the word “bridge” has many meanings, such as a bridge in wooden architecture – wooden floor, pavement, flooring planks, or logs.

For example, Adam’s Bridge is a chain of shoals and small coral islands between the peninsula of the Indian subcontinent and the island of Ceylon, but the pons Varoli is part of the brainstem. Then there is the gymnastic bridge – an acrobatic feat in which one bends backward from a standing position until one’s hands touch the floor. And the last meaning of the word is the dental prosthesis used to replace a missing tooth (or several teeth) by joining an artificial tooth permanently to adjacent teeth.


Nevice romance


Егор Васин, 11 класс, 17 лет
Учитель – В.Б. Дамаскина

Once I heard a very interesting theory. According to this theory, any Nevetian or guest of Nevice will sooner or later, one way or another, visit a tavern called «Under the bridge». The man who hung the gilded sign above the door had a great sense of humor, I think. The tavern was located in the bridge, where a fish stock used to be. So any visitor that mixed up a window and a doorwould find himself exactly under the bridge.

Now this legendary sign without a grain of erstwhile gold hanging above the barman’s table says: «der the bride. Do not let any police in» — somebody unscrewed three letters several years ago and sold them for scrap. Nevice law enforcement authorities have been already settled down and stopped chasing robbers, as they formerly did probably because of their misconception about what is due, but no one could get rid of the second sentence. The tavern keeper just etched with acid and some diligence another phrase with much less decent content. And now I’m sitting in this tavern next to the window, drinking wine and reminiscing.

Конкурс – Евгения Лаврентьева, Полина Васильева, Егор Васин